OPERA 18R2 ︰ 正式发布

2016年6月30日by OPERAFEA0

科巴姆技术服务很高兴地宣布释放的版本OPERA 18R2 ,现在可在我们向所有受支持的用户提供下载网站。要登录您将需要使用当前有效的访问代码和还客户及License,请如果您没有此信息,和我们联系。

OPERA 18R2 包含大量的增强和改进,你可以立即受益 — — 其中的细节可以发现我们的网站的新功能页上。


  • 薄板填料因子
  • 新 3D 网格生成器
  • 绕线工具增强
  • Python 扩展

支持的硬件的新版本都在这里。[:en]Cobham Technical Services is pleased to announce the release of Version 18R2 of Opera which is now available on our download site to all supported licence owners. To login you will need to use the current valid access code and also your customer & licence number; please contact us if you do not have this information.

Opera 18R2 contains a number of enhancements and improvements that you can immediately benefit from – details of which can be found on the New Features page of our website.

Opera 18R2 Highlights

  • Thin Plate Packing Factor
  • New 3D Mesher
  • Winding Tool enhancement
  • Python extensions

Supported hardware for the new release is available here.


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